Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Patient Partnership Group blog - July

Welcome to the second of our monthly blogs.

Trish Cargill, Chair of the Trust’s Patient Partnership Group, writes:

The Patient Partnership Group (PPG for short) has an important role to play at NUH. It is made up of patients and staff who come together monthly to offer a view on a range of Trust issues – to ensure there is a patient voice in all we do.

This month working together with staff we have:

  • Signed off new Trust guidance for staff on how to best involve patients and public representatives on trust committees and meetings 
  • Contributed to the development of posters that will be displayed in all inpatient wards letting patients, visitors and carers know numbers of nursing staff on duty on each shift, twice daily 
  • Been updated and commented on the new way of recording patient observations using Ipads. This is a pilot project which allows clinical staff to record patient observation such as pulse, blood pressure and temperature at the bedside electronically rather than on a paper chart 

I look forward to updating you next month.