Monday, 12 January 2015

Patient Partnership Group blog - January

Trish Cargill, Chair of the Trust’s Patient Partnership Group writes:

The Patient Partnership Group (or PPG for short) has an important role to play at NUH. It is a group of patients and staff who come together monthly to offer a view on Trust issues – to give a patient voice and to support the Trust in making improvements that make a difference to patients, their relatives and carers.

This month, by working together with staff we have:

  • Participated in patient-led assessments of the care environment. When doing these assessments we walk round areas within the hospital looking at wards from a patient perspective. This includes noting how clean things like the curtains, beds and floors are. We also consider is there enough space around beds to maintain privacy and dignity. We score and comment on areas and feedback this back to staff who then put together reports that are used to monitor and improve performance.
  • Offered feedback on patient information regarding pressure sores.
  • Started to identify themes for our programme of work for 2015/16 which includes the development of a patient leadership course.