Monday, 10 August 2015

Patient Partnership Group - August

Trish Cargill ,Chair of the Trust's Patient Partnership Group writes:

The Patient Partnership Group (or PPG for short) is a group of patients and staff who work together to make hospital services even better for patients.

This month, we have:
  • Met Nicky Hill, the Trust's new Director of Human Resources, to share with her how our group works and the work we are doing to involve patients and public across the Trust.
  • Received a progress update on the development of the Trust's longer-term Strategy. We were pleased to see that it was so patient-centred and the amount of involvement and consultation that had been undertaken so far and was planned for the future.
  • Discussed the way patients ,carers and visitors will be supported to find their way around the Trust when the tram becomes operational. We were delighted to see that great thought and consideration has been given to this and particularly impressed to see that volunteers have been recruited to help with supporting and sign posting.
  • I attended the Trust's first Values Board meeting - which is chaired by Mandie Sunderland, Chief Nurse, and looks at how we will develop the next phase of NUH's established values and behaviours work 2015-2017. The group will focus on progressing three key work areas, largely in response to the values audit results from 2014, including encouraging staff to 'speak up' for safety and quality, team NUH and team Nottinghamshire. It's great to see wider system partners and leaders, not the mention many patient representatives sitting around the table and influencing this agenda.

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