Friday, 4 September 2015

Patient Partnership Group blog - September

Trish Cargill, Chair of the Trust’s Patient Partnership Group writes:

The Patient Partnership Group (or PPG for short) has an important role to play at NUH. It is a group of patients and staff who come together monthly to offer a view on Trust issues. Importantly, this group supports the Trust in its quest to continually improve patient, family and carer experience.

This month, by working together with staff we have:

  • Been involved with the launch of the new tram which we are excited and pleased to see is now operating at QMC. Our role has been to work with the Trust to ensure wayfinding and signage is as good as it can be for all passengers (including wheelchair users and those with mobility problems) from the tram platform into the hospital.
  • Tasted patient meals and gave our feedback and suggestions for further improvements.
  • Begun working with the Communications Team to develop a new section for carers on the Trust’s website so that accessible information, advice and support is available for carers.