Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Patient Partnership Group - December

Trish Cargill ,Chair of the Trust’s Patient Partnership Group writes:

The Patient Partnership Group (or PPG for short) has an important role to play at NUH. It is a group of patients and staff who come together monthly to offer a view on Trust issues. Importantly, this group supports the Trust in its determination to continually improve patient, family and carer experience.

This month, by working together with staff we have:

  • Welcomed Mandie Sunderland, Chief Nurse at NUH to our meeting. Mandie gave an inspiring insight into her vision for nursing excellence  at NUH. We look forward to working with Mandie over the coming year to contribute to the delivery of Mandie’s vision.
  • Received  an update from Carillion, the company who run Estates and Facilities services at our hospitals, to discuss the actions that are being taken to address the problems with smoking and car parking. We received appropriate reassurance that improvements will be made in each of these areas, which we know patients feel incredibly strongly about.
  • The group said thank you goodbye to Mark Lenton from Carillion for his continued updates and support to the group over many years.
  • Toni Morley, the new Patient Experience and PPI Lead for the Nottingham Children’s Hospital was introduced to the group. Toni gave us an insight in to how she would be engaging with Children and Young People to further enhance the experience of these patients and their families.