Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Nutrition and Hydration week: Afternoon tea party by By Emily Mulvaney and Angieszka Polok.

Today ward C5 is one of many wards across the Trust hosting an afternoon tea party for nutrition and hydration week. The events help us increase awareness of the importance of nutrition and hydration for effective recovery and will be part of a world record attempt to hold the most afternoon tea parties on multiple sites at the same time.

Many of our patients are older and are admitted with fragility fractures after a fall so we are tailoring our party for our patients with a traditional, vintage theme. We are serving a spread of cucumber, fish paste, salmon, potted meat soft cobs and sandwiches with fondant fancie cakes and jam tarts jam tarts as well as a healthy supply of fruits. These are all finger foods to ensure all patients can take part and are reminiscent of foods our patients used to eat when they were younger.

We have received some generous contributions from local supermarkets. Sainsbury’s and Lidl have donated vouchers and Tesco have donated fruit.

This event involves the whole ward and we’re lucky to have such a dedicated, supportive team on C5. Carolynne, our fabulous receptionist, has made sandwiches and she and our HCA, Teresa, assisted with shopping. Ann, our Food Service Assistant, regularly gives up her own time for us and will be on hand throughout the day.

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