Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Online Feedback weekly roundup

By Sarah Kennedy.
Patient Experience Officer. 

Patient feedback is vital. It is one way in which we say thanks to our staff when they do a good job, and look at where we might do better.

There are lots of ways to provide feedback and it’s quick and easy with Patient Opinion and NHS Choices. You can also tell us how we did by sending us a tweet to @nottmhospitals.

The top online feedback themes last week were about care standards and staff attitudes and behaviours. Well done to Loxley Ward for some great feedback.

Here are some of the highlights:

I am regularly treated in clinic 3 under Mr P Hooper and all the team and nurses they are worth their weight in gold. Just seeing the familiar faces and getting to know them makes you feel at ease which is a blessing. I have also been treated as an emergency inpatient to Loxley ward, every single member of staff I encountered were wonderful and went beyond their call of duty in treating me and caring for me. Every patient on that ward had the same level of care and I really am so grateful for their support.

A very well run ward (Loxley). From the consultant down, everyone was available to discuss treatment and what and why procedures were done. Thank you.

Today the staff were fantastic, explaining what was going to happen and checking with him after each group of scans that he was ok. I was allowed to go in with him to talk to him and reassure him. The result of the understanding and patience from the staff was a quiet and still little boy for the whole scan
The nursing staff in the Urology Centre spent a lot of time giving me help and advice in a caring and highly professional manner. The Consultants who dealt with me were excellent and the care I received on Harvey 2 Ward was out of this world.
I think receptionists should be smiley at all time, avoid being cutting, if they are not happy with their job, find another one and lastly don't tell patients, but rather help.

I was streamed relatively quickly but was horrified to see the wait time was over the 4 hours. This would have been acceptable if during that time there was some care and compassion from particularly the nursing staff.
Staff, including the nurse in charge on this day need to go back to the drawing board with regards their communication and empathy.

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