Friday, 20 May 2016

Dementia Awareness Week - 'Our Albert'

Written by the Activity therapists team.

We’ve been visiting patients on the wards across both City hospital and QMC during Dementia Awareness Week as part of the ‘Our Albert’ project.  

‘Our Albert’ is a series of creative workshops using the story of Albert and the Lion. Albert and the Lion is a popular story from the 1950s so many of our older patients are familiar with it.

We start by reading the story aloud to patients. Patients then participate in creative activities such as singing, colouring, word searches and making lions out of wool. We tailor the activities to meet each patient’s individual abilities to ensure everyone can take part.

Because the story is familiar it evokes past experiences to engage patients’ memories. The creative activities stimulate cognitive function and provide a sensory experience. Research has shown that these sorts of activities can improve mood and increase a sense of identity.

‘Our Albert’ and all other projects we deliver to patients work towards one aim:

To compliment clinical and medical interventions to enhance patients’ well-being and aim for a better personal hospital experience, through cognitive and sensory stimulation and physical activities.

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