Monday, 16 May 2016

Online feedback - weekly round up

By Andrew Steggles
Patient Experience Officer

Listening and learning from patient feedback is vitally important to us at NUH. 

With Patient Opinion and NHS Choices it’s quick and easy to share your experience. Alternatively, you can tell us how we did by sending us a tweet to @nottmhospitals

Last week we had a lot of concerns raised.  We welcome this type of feedback, to help us really focus on the areas in which we need to do better.  Here are examples of some of the comments we received last week (we have responded to these where they were posted):

With some I've talked with I am made to feel that I'm being a nuisance when all I am after is the [MRI] results so that I can speak to my consultant to see were we go from here.

My daughter was diagnosed two weeks ago with advanced breast cancer, the way she was dealt with was inhuman.  Cold and heartless doesn't come close to describing her treatment… In contrast the CT scanning suite at Queens was exemplary, they were all so kind, especially two HCA's one of whom was an angel when I broke down.

[On the ward I was on] reception lights were on full all night, staff failed to reduce the volume of their voice during the night. 

All the staff I met leading up to my operation made me feel at ease and I felt confident they knew what they were doing. I had no problems and quickly recovered. My post-op appointment was worthwhile as they helped me resolve a recurring problem, and again the staff were friendly and very helpful.

We also received a lot of feedback on social media after we announced our updates smoke-free policy, where we announced we would now be allowing electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) to be used outdoors on our sites, to help our patients with quitting smoking.

Here are some of the comments we received:

Nottingham University Hospitals, I applaud you. Let's hope the rest of our hospitals follow suit. 

This is awful, I don't smoke and I shouldn't have to walk through the smoke given off by these things to go to hospital!

Thank you for helping us improve our health. Other hospitals please take note.
Well done on today's decision to allow vaping. Great stuff!

Thanks, will make visiting my wife (She spends a lot of time at city hospital) a lot easier.

I'm not sure how this will help when people dont pay any regards to the rules which currently stand as it is.

Hospital decides to help smokers quit with ecigs - simple, practical, effective, humane.

Congratulations Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust for seeing sense, following evidence and lifting ridiculous ban on use of ecigs!

Good news! I swapped over 3 years ago from 50 cigs a day, haven't had a cig since and really feel the health benefits.

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