Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Online Feedback - weekly roundup

By Sarah Kennedy
Patient Experience Officer

Listening to and acting on patient feedback is one of the ways in which we make continuous improvements to the quality of care and services.
There are a number of ways you can share details of your experience with us. You can post your comments online via Patient Opinion and NHS Choices. You can also tell us how we did by sending us a tweet to @nottmhospitals.
It was great last week to receive some feedback from a student nurse about their placement on ward C25! Here are some of the feedback highlights from last week: 
“A wonderful, wonderful audiologist treated me a week or so ago and I can't thank them enough I left feeling 10 years younger with some instant and lasting improvements I can cherish. The specialist I saw treated me with skill, compassion and friendliness; they are an asset to the health service and a genuine carer. I left the house to beautiful birdsong this morning rather than the screeching noise that has dominated my waking thoughts for so long and it is something I will appreciate every time it happens.”

“Told he could go home last Monday which was great and a hospital bed was sent to our home. Then told unless he could get into a chair himself the ambulance couldn't stretcher him home. We live over 3 floors and we have stair lifts to our main bedroom. I explained but the whole thing was called off as no ambulance firm would do it. Now last Friday I was told I would have to wait till next Wednesday to discuss his care on return.”

“I received the treatment I needed. The doctors talked to me about the treatment I should receive. I was amazed by the cleanliness. I want to say big thank you to all of the stuff that supported me, when I was in the hospital.”

“When I questioned the treatment they had a disgusted look on their face which made me feel very uncomfortable. I left feeling worst due to their attitude. Most doctors forget that a patient has gone through months of distress before they finally reach the hospital.”

“My 15 year old daughter had an appointment at the children’s fracture clinic. When we arrived the waiting room was packed and noisy.  However, not a single nurse looked stressed. They were extremely pleasant and considerate. Despite there being so many people, patients were being processed reasonably quickly and with such high level personable care. Have never come across such amazing medical staff before - so well done and thank you.”

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 weeks ago. The staff in the breast institute are excellent, caring and kind. I'd like to thank everyone I crossed paths with yesterday the theatre porters, the recovery team, the Gillies ward team and the catering team. And of course my surgeon and anaesthetist thank you. Fingers crossed we don't have to meet again!”

“I was very lucky to be allocated to C25 ward as part of my nursing training. I was given the opportunity to observe many different procedures and treatments and was never made to feel like I was a burden or in the way. The ward leader was great with me and made the time to speak to me about how well I was doing on the ward, she is very staff and patient oriented and always has what is best for them in mind. My mentor was brilliant with me, she guided me in a way I didn't realise that she was doing it but felt the full benefit of her knowledge and guidance. I recommend C25/24 to any nursing or med student as a place to learn, feel part of a team and extend your knowledge.”

You can read the full week’s comments and leave your own on the Patient Opinion and NHS Choices websites.
Don’t forget, if someone has made a difference to you or a loved one you can say ‘thanks’ by nominating them for a NUHonours Award (these are our annual staff awards). Visit our website for more information.

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