Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Carers Week - Neonatal Admission to Discharge Pathway

By Judith Stephenson, Emma Farnsworth and Liz Cotterill.

When people think of carers they often think of carers for older people. However, in the neonatal unit a lot of parents become carers for very poorly babies.

Our ethos is family centred care and we’re committed to supporting the whole family to provide the best possible service. We know families want to be part of the process from admission to discharge so we ensure we include parents, families and carers and that they're at the centre of their baby’s care. That’s why we’re relaunching the admission to discharge pathway.

The admission to discharge pathway is a tick list that ensures that everything that needs to be done for the baby, family, parents and carers is done. However, it hasn’t always been used to its potential. Relaunching it will ensure that staff, parents and carers understand how we can work together. Parents and carers will feel supported and confident to care from admission to hospital until after discharge home.

It’s important to involve families in all aspects of the service, no matter how small.For example, following feedback from parents and carers we have changed our cot side folder. It used to be red. Parents felt red was an ‘angry’ colour so we changed it to green and added a large sticker on the front. 

We have a parent friendly power point presentation available. Posters are being made to go up in appropriate places across the Neonatal unit in all areas used by both staff and parents.

We’re relaunching the pathway on 14 and 21 June and want to make it a celebration. Staff are making and donating cakes to serve to families and staff in the parent coffee rooms on both QMC and City Hospital sites. Staff from the family care team will be easy to spot at the relaunch in green t-shirts with “Follow the Pathway” on the front and “Families and staff together” on the back.

Read more about how we are celebrating carers this week here.

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