Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Online Feedback - weekly roundup

By Sarah Kennedy
Patient Experience Officer

Posting online feedback about your experience of our hospitals has never been easier. You can post your comments online via Patient Opinion and NHS Choices (where you can read all of the feedback from patients about NUH). You can also tweet @nottmhospitals.

Here is a summary of last week’s feedback:

The paramedics and the cardiac team on Morris ward at Nottingham City Hospital Campus have been incredible. Their expertise efficiency and care have been exceptional. I could not have received better care. Sincere thanks

I was very impressed with the speed, efficiency, professionalism and respect I was treated with by staff in the TIA unit and Ultrasound Scan Dept. (and the cup of tea!). It is heartening and reassuring to know that the "professionals" really do care.

I fell on the way to work on Friday and gashed my head. I am thankful to so many people, the ambulance crew, nurses/student nurse, doctor and all at accident and emergency who treated me in a kind, friendly, caring and respectful manner. They were very thorough in the checks that they did and although they were busy and there were waiting periods, they all had time to explain and listen and I felt in good hands.
There were plenty of 'Hello my name is .....' Which is excellent really makes you feel like someone cares to know their name. The nurse admitting me was constantly yawning throughout which put me off! I was thinking don't you want to be looking after me? - It all felt like a paper exercise not that they were finding things out for their admission.

The distance from the tram lift at QMC to the main entrance would benefit from some means of transport. My husband's struggle to reach his appointment exaggerated his already painful condition, and may I also add there are no available wheelchairs either to enable me to push him. I think this should be addressed as urgent as you have a duty to disabled people visiting your hospital.

I just want to say a massive thank you for the care and support you gave my daughter after her car accident on Wednesday evening. We had a 3hr journey to get to the hospital - once we arrived we could see that our daughter has been well looked after and the Dr/nurses kept us up to date with her progress. Once she was taken to LJU ward the staff tried very hard to arrange accommodation for us but without luck. They kindly made us up beds in our daughter's room.

I have been a patient at the Ropewalk Audiology since I was 3. I just want to say a massive thank you for all your help over the years. I had a hearing check-up 2 months ago and the service I received was fantastic. The waiting times are almost non-existent. Your receptionists are helpful. I also visited yourselves the other day and was once again blown away by the fantastic care and service I received. I just want to let you know that whatever you're doing, keep it up! It is being appreciated and taken to heart!

My wife who has dementia was admitted to A & E recently after a fall at home and whilst both the staff and treatment were very good and she was also looked after very good. The layout and the ambience of the dept. was very bad for a person with dementia and was quite distressing for her and she had to be moved to a quieter area with more subdued lighting. It would be much better if a small area could be set aside for this purpose

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