Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Online Feedback - Weekly Roundup

By Sarah Kennedy 
Patient Experience Officer

Patient feedback is a vital part of how we learn and improve when we fall short/things don’t go as they should and a way to say ‘thank you’ to our staff.

With Patient Opinion and NHS Choices it’s quick and easy to share your experience. Alternatively, you can tell us how we did by sending us a tweet to @nottmhospitals

Here are a few of last week’s comments.

“Excellent family friendly. Couldn't help me and hubby enough.”

“My Father remained in F20 for nearly three weeks whilst his treatment was conducted and both my Mother and myself visited daily for which we wish to whole heartedly to thank everyone on the ward for their compassion, consideration and caring throughout my father’s stay. My Mother's quote describes Felicity best: 'She's like a member of the family', regularly just popping over for a chat with a smile and a giggle. Always giving us great encouragement (thumbs up). Any time you fancy strawberries & cream you know who to call.”

“Absolutely disgusted my daughter is 5 months old and was told she needs an operation within 6 weeks as its urgent 4 months later we are still waiting.”

“They sent a few other patients to other hospitals such as Lincoln, Queens Medical Centre. After this I decided to take this in my own hands and get myself to Queens Medical Centre, who saw me within an hour of being there. They also had a doctor look into my injury sent me for an X-ray, diagnosis as well as discharging me in three and a half hours. In my experience Queens Medical Hospital has better patient care, better response to other patients coming in with injuries.”

“My husband was told he was first on the list and he was given a gown, compression stockings etc. He then waited in the bed until 3pm and was told to go home with no surgery. I understand that emergencies bumped him off the list but what annoyed us was the fact that he was told at the start of the day that he was first and so I waited with him for the entire day believing he could go in at any point. If he had been told early on that there was a chance he could get bumped that would have helped - I could have gone to work and not lost out on pay.”

“The care he received from both the doctors and nurses was top notch and I can't fault it, but the communication was absolutely appalling and it made the day far more stressful than it needed to be.”

“Our son made a great recovery with excellent results. I can't fault the staff at Queens Medical Centre. The whole experience was a huge challenge for us as parents, however the care our son received in hospital was first class and a credit to the NHS. I hope our experience gives comfort to anxious parents who are going through the same thing.”

“My Grandma was admitted to hospital after being reviewed in the surgical triage unit and then admitted to E15. I cannot praise the nursing team, doctors and Consultant highly enough for the care, compassion and excellent treatment that my grandma and my family received.”

Is there a member of our staff who you feel has gone the extra mile for you? A NUHonours nomination is a great way to say thanks. NUHonours are our annual staff awards. Find out more and submit a nomination here.

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