Monday, 27 June 2016

Online feedback - weekly roundup

By Sarah Kennedy.

Patient Experience Officer.

Patient feedback is a great way to say ‘thanks’ to our staff as well as a vital part of how we learn and improve when we fall short/things don’t go as they should.

With Patient Opinion and NHS Choices it’s quick and easy to share your experience. Alternatively, you can tell us how we did by sending us a tweet to @nottmhospitals

Here are a few of last week’s comments.

Several attempts were made by us to find out what the delay was as there were patients who had arrived after my mother and were being seen before her. Reception and nursing staff ignored my mother’s request for an update on when she would be seen.

Staff were brilliant, I was seen and sorted in a friendly and professional manner. If you are unfortunate enough to visit A&E, from my experience, you are assured of an excellent standard of care that will (hopefully) see you on your way home.

Absolutely all the staff were fantastic- friendly and caring, professional but approachable. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone, from the permanent nights porter to the surgical team.
I met a Rumanian Auxiliary, a Portuguese nurse, a N.Z Radiologist - examples of very positive immigration, I encountered from a personal angle.

I'd like to thank all the staff who cared for me - the NHS staff are its best asset.

I ask them how long I must still wait and they said 6 people still are front of you it is mean no one of them was not served yet so I leave there with severe pain. It was really horrible.

Chose queens medical centre for this pregnancy as it's close to my work place. The person who did my scan was not friendly at all. They became frustrated as they couldn't find what they were looking for during my scan, it was very uncomfortable for me and I made this clear.

Great great great department of radiotherapy the south department is full of hard working staff who treat all with kindness and dignity. Thank you for looking after me.
I went to A&E with uncontrolled epileptic seizures. The Neurologist in A&E was excellent and very professional. They gave me the perfect medication that temporarily stopped the seizures. Unfortunately, I was passed onto a different Neurologist and it went wrong from there. The neurologist I was changed to was extremely rude, absolutely refused to listen and offered no treatment. On the Neurology ward most of the Nurses were also extremely rude and didn't care for me at all, even though I'm physically disabled.

Is there a member of our staff who you feel has gone the extra mile for you? A NUHonours nomination is a great way to say thanks. NUHonours are our annual staff awards. Find out more and submit a nomination here.

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