Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Online feedback - weekly roundup

By Andrew Steggles
Patient Experience Officer

If you have been a patient or visitor at our hospitals then we need your feedback.

Patient feedback helps us learn and improve and id a great way of thanking staff who have made a difference.

You can quickly and easily share your feedback with us online with Patient Opinion and NHS Choices or you can send us a tweet to @nottmhospitals.

Here is a selection of last week’s online feedback.

“I would like to thank all the doctors and staff of Loxley ward. I had such excellent care and support. The procedure I had has made such a difference to me and I was so grateful to be in the special hands of City Hospital.”

“I was admitted to DCU three weeks ago. From entering reception to being discharged I was cared for in a professional and empathetic manner. All the staff I met were friendly and put me instantly at ease. The whole experience was seamless and I was home before i knew it.”

“I was in agony and screamed out to stop, the dr advised that they was almost finished but if I wanted them to stop they would, The pain was excruciating and I asked them again to stop at which point I went dizzy and felt very nauseous, almost passing out completely. I felt ignored by the doctor.”

“My partner was transferred to the Infectious Care team on the Nightingale Ward on Friday evening after having spent 10 nights at the QMC with a no known cause illness. I was deeply concerned as this was a bank holiday weekend and my partner had spent a frustrating 10 days in hospital already and was feeling no better, but the whole medical and nursing team were amazing and all available to reassure, comfort and provide the necessary care treatment support and most importantly diagnosis.”

“I was given an appointment card and the receptionist said she would follow this up with a letter.
I have now checked the card! There is NO indication of which site the clinic takes place - the card is used for all NUH sites.  There is no name for the clinic for the patient to realise that this is for which consultant just a clinic code APB4C. I know this meant CHN site and Orthopaedic clinic, but there is no clue here for a patient.”

Here are a selection of tweets from last week.

“At ED @nottmhospitals with mum. Very busy & hot. Staff including X-ray & porters all incredibly caring & helpful to the patients. Handing out water.
Impressed by the calmness and compassion shown in ED today to all.”

“Thanks so much @nottmhospitals I had a succesful hip surgery at 11 and I'm almost fully recovered so thanks so much to Queens Medical Centre.”

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