Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Online feedback - weekly roundup

By Andrew Steggles
Patient Experience Officer

Patient feedback is a vital part of our learning and continuous improvement.
If you’ve visited our hospitals you can share your experience quickly and easily with Patient Opinion and NHS Choices. You can also send us a tweet to let us know how we did to @nottmhospitals.

Here are a few of last week’s comments.

“I am lying in a hospital bed post surgery and what else can I say but fantastic; from the consultants to the domestic staff, they have all be kind, caring, attentive and friendly. The bed is comfortable and the meals are great, I really don't know what people moan about!”

“I was admitted to the QMC for an Emergency Right Carotid Endarterectomy. Went to the theatre mid-afternoon for the operation which lasted about two hours, with another two hours in recovery. All went well and after an overnight stay I was discharged on the Saturday afternoon. I have nothing but praise for all QMC staff, medical and others who were responsible for my care. Whereas I won't comment on whether I would recommend the procedure I had I would wholeheartedly recommend the hospital and the care one would receive if they ever had to go to the QMC for treatment.”

“The staff that looked after me whilst having tests were lovely, and I could not fault them.
Unfortunately I am still unwell with what I was initially referred with, and the condition has worsened, and I have not heard anything from the clinic since a letter with the results of a breath test so am suffering, and nothing is being done about it.”

My Mrs was due to have our first baby on the 1st of October, due to medical issues we were admitted to City hospital last Tuesday, we were taken to Lawrence ward in the maternity unit and I can honestly say that in all my years of visiting hospitals for various medical conditions of my own, I have never been treated better than when we're there, every member of staff were 10/10, 24 hours of every day. All the staff working in Lawrence ward deserve a standing ovation and a medal for their continuous and caring support.”

“I recently visited a friend in the Adult Intensive Care Unit at the QMC, and I was utterly shocked at the lack of cleanliness of the hospital. The nursing care in the ICU ward was fantastic, it’s a shame that the hospital cleanliness wasn’t of the same high standard.”

“The theatre team performing my C-section were friendly, polite and had a sense of humour. Everyone in that theatre room informed us of procedures, reassured myself and my husband and made a very scary procedure much more manageable.”

“I think it important to tell you all my story. In 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare chronic disease called RRP which affects your speech, breathing and is pre-cancerous. There is no cure! The illness took my job, my respect and my mind through mental health problems. If it wasn't for the psychotherapist I saw at the QMC Nottingham within the speech therapy/ENT department, I wouldn't have made it, no ifs no buts. ‘I couldn’t have made it without you,’ I told them. I'll never forget the help and patience I received from them!”

"Chemo day case @nottmhospitals today was nothing but impressive. Efficient, kind, caring and such a team! Thank you so much! #admirable."

"Ridiculous to see smokers light up standing on 'No smoking area' floor markings @nottmhospitals - only 2 people moved on when asked!"

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