Monday, 24 October 2016

Online Feedback – weekly roundup

By Sarah Kennedy, Patient Experience Officer

Have you visited us recently? We listen to your feedback: it helps us learn and improve and is a great way to say thank you to staff.

You can share your experience with us various ways but it’s quick and easy to do online with Patient Opinion and NHS Choices. Alternatively, you can send us a tweet to @nottmhospitals

Here are a few of last week’s comments. You can read more feedback about us on the Patient Opinion website.

“They were reluctant to examine me but upon examination I was 6cm dilated. I was then admitted and had a water birth which I think went quite smoothly. However, my treatment after the birth was horrendous.”

“The pre-op meeting and the meeting with the consultant were very through in explaining all aspects of the procedure and what I should expect to experience. I was in hospital overnight and I could not fault the staff - the whole (brief and successful) stay was a great advertisement for the NHS.”
“The two teams of midwives during labour were fantastic. I was treated with respect and care during the whole labour. I was particularly impressed by how personal the midwives made the experience.”

“Attended Oncology Outpatients with my mother. Utterly disgusted with a 3 hour wait for a morning appointment. I completely understand that each patient needs the time they need but how can they possibly be 3 hours behind before noon?”

Here are a few of your tweets from last week:

@nottmhospitals really disappointed that again most nursery drop/collect spaces are taken up by non-nursery users. Spaces need monitoring...

@nottmhospitals Unbelievable service in your Medical Admissions on B Floor. The provision is Dickensian. 10 Hours waiting for a bed!!

@nottmhospitals home after the birth of our 1st daughter @ city. All staff were truly amazing.Thanks to Tabitha & Lawrence ward 

@nottmhospitals Harvey2 MDT care&compassion incredible, EoL for my dearest Sooo grateful for the humanity provided.

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