Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Online Feedback

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Online Feedback - Weekly Roundup

By Ashley Rolfe
Patient Experience and Information Officer

Patient feedback is extremely important to us here at Nottingham University Hospitals. This further aids our improvement and helps with our ongoing development which in turn helps deliver a better patient experience for everyone.

If you have either been a patient or visitor of our hospitals we would love to hear from you as your feedback is critically important for our continual improvement to the services that we provide and is a fantastic way of giving our staff that have made a difference the recognition they deserve.

You can share your feedback quickly and effortlessly online with Patient Opinion or NHS Choices, or you could send us a Tweet @nottmhospitals

Below are some examples of patient feedback that has been left on our NHS Choices/Patient Opinion websites:

“Following a same day referral and diagnosis at QMC, I was given an emergency admission to Harvey 2 Ward at the City Hospital. From the moment I arrived until discharge the care I received was exemplary. The nursing staff were attentive and showed genuine empathy with my condition. Both day and night shifts were equally professional, polite and friendly in the true spirit of nursing. The consultant was clear and approachable. During my stay I was also able to observe how thorough the cleaning regime is and sample the food; which was surprisingly good! My only other comment is that the overnight noise levels do not allow patients a good night of rest. In summary; I cannot thank the staff enough for the care they provided me during a rather difficult time.”


“My 5 year old son tripped over a log step yesterday and ended up in the Children's A&E department at QMC. I would like to commend all of the staff for the friendly, professional and efficient treatment we received.”


“On my recent referral visit to A23, I received an excellent service. All the staff were friendly, knowledgeable and understanding. I expected to wait but was seen quickly and was able to have all the tests I needed within and was caring, professional, communicated well and had smiles on their faces too, which really helps couple of hours. Everyone when you're in a worrying situation. Thank you to all the wonderful staff."

Below is a selection of Tweets we received last week:

“Absolutely first class patient care on C24D today. Everyone from consultant to porters have been exceptional. Thank you.”
“Sat at QMC hospital have to say the ward and care is very very good, reassurance in hospital is the way forward for recovery.”
“Having spent yesterday @nottmhospitals I can't praise your staff enough! Absolutely brilliant service well done all and thank you."
“@nottmhospitals outstanding compassionate care delivered on A23 on Sunday on a very sad day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Please continue to send us your feedback as it aids our continual improvement. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Online Feedback - Weekly Roundup

By Ashley Rolfe
Patient Experience and Information Officer

Patient feedback is particularly important to us at Nottingham University Hospitals to further support our development and ongoing improvement.

If you have been either a patient or visitor at our hospitals we welcome your feedback as it is critically important for us to improve our services and is a great way to give recognition to staff that have made a difference.

You can share your feedback quickly and effortlessly online with Patient Opinion or NHS Choices, or you could send us a Tweet @nottmhospitals

Here are some of last week’s comments left on our feedback websites: 

“I was admitted for an induced labour on Sunday 9th October 2016. From the minute of admission I was treated by some absolutely amazing staff. A particular member of staff looked after me and put me at great ease on the induction suite and what a lovely person. When I was moved to the labour suite the night team on 10th October the staff were absolutely amazing from start to finish. My midwife was so supportive and done an amazing job in making sure that myself and my little man were ok as it was a tough labour.”


“I attended ward C24 yesterday for a day procedure. In the ward I was mainly looked after by a nurse who was very proficient, friendly and caring. I had to wait for my turn in theatre, but during this time even the consultant took the time to come and keep me informed of when I would be taken. When my turn came, all the staff I encountered until I was back on the ward, was very efficient, friendly and caring, which very much made me feel at ease. All in all I had a very pleasant experience”


“The NHS is criticised too much, when you are seriously ill in my opinion you couldn't be treated better. My father in law had a stroke last Friday and the ambulance arrived within ten minutes, we were sent straight to the ward where he was cared for extremely well, thank you to all the staff needed to keep the wards functioning. It's a tough job and the staff does not get praised enough for what they do!”

Here is a selection of last week’s tweets:

“Fantastic care at QMC & City hospital this weekend @nottmhospitals, nothing but admiration for the NHS”
“Amazing work by #QMC #NHS & a very brave daughter”
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Congrats to @nottmhospitals for retaining their Gold #cateringmark for fresh, local, sustainable patient meals!”
Please keep sending us your feedback, we always listen to all of your comments and concerns and it really helps us to improve.