Friday, 17 March 2017

Nutrition & Hydration week: An amazing week!

What an amazing week it has been!

We really couldn’t have imagined the effort and inspirational activities we have seen, and I am sure that everyone will be more than happy with what has been achieved.
Another 17 dining companions have been on the wards today, and the last one for the week will be on Sunday lunchtime – thank you to every single one of you, your support really is appreciated.

It is really refreshing to see how much people are talking about Nutrition and Hydration and we are sure that many ideas that have started off this week will carry on well into the future.
Ward staff have been given the chance to taste Nutritional supplements, and were on the whole pleasantly surprised – some enjoyed it far too much.

Tom, from Nottingham Trent University, brought in his ideas for a new hospital water jug onto B3.. He had several great ideas such as non-slip, better markings, safer lids and better pouring spouts. He also bought in a variety of handles to try out. Hopefully the final product will tick all the boxes. He should complete his design by May.

Many areas have been focusing on hydration, particularly getting staff to drink 8 glasses of fluid a day – could you meet the challenge?

Dietetics ended their brilliant week by celebrating with a ‘Best of British’ lunch, a very welcome treat.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for their immense efforts, and to see the smile on patient’s faces is the best reward ever!

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