Monday, 13 March 2017

Nutrition & Hydration week: hydration challenge, red tray rampage, and more...

It’s really amazing that as we start Nutrition & Hydration week that we are seeing such great examples of work from our wards.

The innovative ideas show that our staff are really focusing on nutrition and the smiles that we have seen this morning really reflect this.

The hydration challenge asks staff to drink a cup of water on the hour, every hour – and at the end of the shift, feedback will be sought to see if they can feel a benefit.

The ‘red tray rampage’ will see staff challenged to use the red tray to understand the importance of highlighting those patients who need help with eating.

On wards C4/5/6 they served 75 breakfasts in half an hour – ordered via the restaurant, and toast prepared on demand at ward level. Patients really enjoyed having hot toast, and the cooked breakfast really brought a smile to their faces.

It’s really great to see all staff engaging together for one common goal – getting nutrition (for both staff and patients) to the forefront of all our minds. Doctors gathering for ward round, and bringing their contribution to the cake afternoon – and that is even before their stint at Dr’s do dinners!

On a further note, we hope that we can help the further community by collecting for Foodbanks – please try and leave a donation in one of our boxes these can be found:

City campus - Christian Chapel, Junction N17 & Eatwell Cityside Restaurant

QMC Christian Chapel, ‘D’ Floor, Eatwell Restaurant D floor – (Costa)

Below are just a variety of activities that some of the wards at NUH are doing today:

Lots of areas are focusing on Mealtimes Matter, to raise the awareness and importance of mealtimes on the wards.

MUST is the focus on other areas, with information and quizzes taking place to.

On one of the children’s wards, they are making healthy food options out of Play-Doh to put on paper plates.

There are plenty of cake bakes, and cake sales taking place.

We have had 62 NUH staff volunteering to be a dining companion and go and help during meal service on the wards during the week, which is great news.

The support for the week throughout NUH has been great, Elior have promotions and offers on all week for staff and visitors to try, so it would be worth visiting the restaurants and coffee shops to see what is on offer.

Here’s to a very good week – and thank you everyone for all their hard work!

Laura Gascoigne, Project Nurse, Nursing Development

Nicola Strawther, Chief Technician, Dietetics & Nutrition

Liz Roper, Chief Technician, Dietetics & Nutrition

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